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Digital Literacy (Free)

Duration - 1 Month    |    Ratings -

Exam Details - Online ( Objective), 50 Questions, Time – 60 Min. - Exam Charges Rs. 45       Syllabus -

World of Computers
The importance of computers in todays world.
How computers are used at home.
Identify the benefits of using the Internet.
Identify the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Using Mouse
mouse and its types.
Explain how to hold the mouse correctly.
Perform the click functions of the mouse.
Perform the drag function of the mouse.

Computer Typing
The keyboard and its types.
Describe types of keys on the keyboard.
Use the alphanumeric keys on the keyboard.

Computer Terminologies
The primary hardware components of a computer.
The operating system.
Explain programs and data
Explain the terms Internet, World Wide Web, and intranet.

Computer Performance and Features
Compare the features of different types of computers.
The role of memory.
The basics of computer performance.
The types of communication programs and their uses.

Computer Operating Systems
Features of the Operating System ( Windows )
Commands in Operating Systems ( Windows )
How to Start the Windows & Programs, Accessories etc.
Introduction to Application Softwares – MS-Word, MS-Excel
Daily use of Application Softwares – Letter Typing, Creating Calculation Charts etc.

Internet & E-mail
Introduction to Internet, Connecting to the Internet, Browser – Google, Creating e-mail account, sending e-mails, upload & download, searching of the important information & web sites.

Courier Charges Applicable at Actual
Exam Fees - Rs. 0      Re-Appear Fee - Rs. 0      Courier Charges - Rs. 100 Get Certified